Birthday Song
  • Sheli Hay

    Oh man, this comic wins the most timely award! It's totally my birthday. Think I'm eating home made grub today, so I have no fears.


    • Starchie

      Everyone here on the internet is clapping our hand together to get ready to sing you our birthday song…

    • Anon

      Happy happy birthday from all of us to you!

  • ActualHuman

    Happy happy birthday from all of us to you!

  • Zera

    Hey?! Where are the party hats and streamers and stuff?

  • When's *your* birthday then? I want to kill you with embarassme— I mean celebrate it online with your fans!

    • Haha =) It's October 14th.

      • Jimmy Mccallion

        Happy birthday in two months!

  • brownunderwear

    My friends did this to me at a sushi restaurant where the women sing and bring out a big parasol for you to take pictures with… It wasn't even my birthday!

  • Inspectigater

    One day I was with a group of friends. It was one of the friends' birthdays. Suddenly a bunch of restaurant waiters come out clapping and singing their birthday song. Walk across the entire restaurant right up to our table. At the last second the turn and face the guys across from us. lol.
    Apparently it was his birthday, too. Our friend was relieved. Hilarity ensued.

  • My strategy is to go the restaurants that give you free alcohol for your birthday. That way if they sing to you, you won't remember it for long.

  • MikuJess

    Every time this happens, I run away from the table crying and have to sit outside until my panic attack goes away. And it still happens every year. This year I actually just had pizza delivered and didn't go to a restaurant for an entire week before OR after. They totally still had the waiters sing once I finally did, over a week after my actual birthday. I guess after my next birthday I'm just gonna have to never leave the house ever again.

    • ActualHuman

      Go to a restaurant that doesn't know what your birthday is, maybe?

      • Brynn

        They always know, my friend. Alwayssssss….. D:

  • Jack

    Oh my god. It's my birthday today, and my family did this to me, after I specifically told them not to. I died. And then my mom told me off for being rude, even though I told her not to tell them.

    • I remember once when I was a kid, my parents told the people running the animatronic show at Chuck E Cheese's to do a happy birthday thing for me. I was horrifically embarrassed for some reason and I *think* I ran off. That experience clearly will stick with me FOREVER.

      • Jack

        Wow, that is so much worse. I'm so sorry that happened to you. :O

  • ALWS

    Green-shirt guy: AND IT'S NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY!
    Red-shirt guy: But you said your birthday was 8/2.
    Green-shirt guy bloke: Can't you tell I don't have an American accent?! My birthday is the eighth of February! I'm British, and we have the day-slash-month system, not the month-slash-day system.
    Red-shirt guy: OHH. …Is that why the British people drive on the wrong side of the road?

    • Dylan

      HaHa… that's pretty good. technically, though, the US version is wrong, because of the history of driving

  • The place I go to yearly on my birthday is a hibachi grill and they bring out a gong. The worst in town is a steakhouse that makes you sit on a saddle and shines the light in your face.

  • Pinky

    I think you just need to make sure your friends know how serious you are. My brother once told friends not to tell the restaurant about his birthday, they did anyway, he got up and left them there. They only had to walk a mile to get home, but they won't be making that mistake again.

  • I had my birthday recently, and we went to Carino's around 4pm to celebrate. Someone mentioned it being my b-day when our server happened to pass by, and he was like, "Oh, it's your birthday, huh?" with this mischievous gleam in his eye. I said I DID NOT WANT A BIRTHDAY SONG UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER OR ELSE, and he said they wouldn't do it. Turns out he tried to, but they were understaffed that day, so they COULDN'T. HA!

    • Still go the free cake, though. 😀

    • Phew, way too close of a call on that one!

  • TGWMoC

    Am I the only one who recognized this as from "The Emperor's new groove"?

    • TGWMoC

      "Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you
      We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too
      Happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true
      We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too"

      I like that movie.

  • Poopy McGee

    I plan to go to Hooter's for my Sweet Sixteen (my mother won't let me go there otherwise), I'm going to tell them it's my birthday and see where that takes me.

  • Jimmy Mccallion

    I remember one year when this happened to me and i was on a medicine. It gave me an anxiety attack cause it was so loud. 🙁

  • katwaterflame

    There was a restaurant I used to go to on my birthday just because of the song. They would get the entire place to clap in unison, and then sing “This is your birthday song! It isn’t very long.” and then stop clapping and walk away. It was great.

  • Lauren Brown

    Did you know that the cake you get after they sing to you is no longer free? People started abusing it by saying it was someone’s birthday at the table when it wasn’t just to get free dessert so now they charge you for it.

  • Green bot Studios

    Whenever I hear them sing at Red Robin, they sound bored and uninterested 😛

  • HydraliskMan!

    I have ALWAYS hated birthday songs at restaurants. They even made me stand up on a chair for the whole restaurant to sing to one time.