Pet A Dog
  • Ninja

    *GASP* You have a pillow pet in your hotel room. I have the same one!!!

  • You have finally included corgi in your comic somehow. You drew the corgi and the lol!!!!!!!

  • diggitydan

    I always feel like when people mention they have a hot tub/jacuzzi in their hotel room it eludes to the fact that they are going to be having sex there. And then I feel uncomfortable.

    • A. X.

      Plus, he specifies that it is a "three person" hot tub. Hmm…

      • Gross.

        • Ivan

          Your GF and her twin? Gross??? IS ANYONE HERE A SHRINK???

      • passerby


  • brownunderwear

    A hot tub inside a hotel room… I'm not sure if that's classy or trashy. Either way, I know what I want for my birthday.

  • mike

    My brother is taking the bar exam also tomorrow. May they both win the test.

  • Melissa

    Good luck to your girlfriend! As someone who currently lives in an apartment and misses dogs I wish that app actually existed…

  • theANdROId

    I WANT THAT APP!!! That would probably be the best app ever!!
    *goes to find that app*

  • Ilya

    Please someone make this app :O

  • Aww, I want that app!

  • Alphonse

    This and the puppy alarm clock comic show that we are in desperate need of more dog-related technologies. Someone please start figuring all this out! My money needs to go SOMEWHERE! 😀

  • keeweebanana

    If this app were a thing I would buy it. Please make it be a thing, I need more corgi apps in my life….

  • Jan

    What about the Pet Shop Boys?

  • <- out of the loop: Wait what's the extra panel people were talking about? O_o

    • Alphonse

      The bag clip on the lower right hand corner is the key to getting the invisible bread. 🙂

  • Jamie


    • LuckyStar7


  • passerby

    I love how you provide the context :p Probably more innocent than the nasty stuff I'm thinking right now
    Also pillow pets are awesome! Sound kinda kinky tho 🙁

  • Everyone I show this to agrees: this needs to exist
    and it's kinda weird how it WOULD exist on Star Trek already, they can just ask the computer where everyone is. that's perfect for stalking AND puppyfinding.
    holy crap has EVERY comic had a secret panel???

  • Hannah

    I am also sitting on my bed in a hotel room. No hot tub but I believe there is a sauna somewhere in the building, it is Sweden after all.

  • loopadoopzoop

    Wendell probably gets consistent 5 star ratings ^_^

  • Your dog is more than only a pet –they're a fitting member of the family, and need taking care of as much as any other person.As Eldon Roark says,"One of the happiest sights in the world comes when a lost dog is reunited with a master he loves.You just haven't seen joy till you have seen that."

    -)Liza Cook.

  • Is this game Pet-A-Dogemon Go?
    ‘Cause if so I would get it.