Metal Show
  • Nico

    No extra panel today?

    • legoman34

      Yeah, where's the bread?

      • takkuso

        I'm so lost!

        • It's invisible. Duh. It's just where it's supposed to be.

    • Otto Bob Otto


  • Dante

    You know that feeling that you get when you're going up the stairs in the dark, and you think there's one more step than there is? That weird, hollow feeling inside when you step through the empty air? That's the feeling I got when I reached over and clicked the corner expecting an extra panel. ๐Ÿ™

  • Franz24

    Where is the invisible bread.
    I need it.
    I need to feed my addiction!

  • arghdos

    The last panel is gold. Will forgive lack of extra panel for that. (I know, I'm so generous ๐Ÿ˜› )

  • \m/

    Is this your view of metal bands? Simple riffs etc?

    • The bands I like tend to have simple riffs. I also tend to write my metal musics with simple riffs as well because I just love the way they sound.

      • I feel like I should recognize this specific riff… dudum dub dududu du da dudum. Great. Now I can't get it out of my head.

        • nwash57

          It looks like a Meshuggah riff ๐Ÿ˜€

  • berrynamedharry

    waaah, no bread?! no what?!
    whut?!? what's going on?!
    I've lost completely track of my whole life!!
    you know… you should better watch out for your panel… if you got one… the next day it could be gone…. gone…. panel…. *shiver*

  • The Invisible Bread got stuck in the pipes last night. Found out when I woke up just now. Had to push it through with a broom handle, but it's here now.

    • Nero

      I think it would be fun if it where hidden somewhere in the comic or around it in the white part randomly and we'd have to find it. Then again that seems like it would be hard work for you and also if it doesn't show up like today people might think it was well hidden. Hm.

  • Have you heard any singles from their album "Buy This Album"? I think the single "Tweet About Us" will be the next to play on radio!

  • Bonzai

    Hello Mr. Bread. Long Time Reader First Time Commenter.

    As a guitar player, I wanted to say kudos on including the tab. That one detail made it hilarious. Are you a guitar player? Did you tab it as something you played before or just your idea of how most look?

    It's actually kinda fun to play if you did it the second way.

    Also, the first panel looks like Henry Rollins of Black Flag.

    • Hey there!

      Yup, I'm indeed a guitar player. The first tab is actually a tab of a song I wrote the other day. It's in 6/4 if that helps with playing the tab =) The second one I did without a guitar in front of me, but should be playable and sound decent.

      Oh yeah, it's in drop A. Bust out those heavy gauge strings, you're gonna need 'em =)

  • You know, until now I quite literally thought the extra panel thing was a joke. Like, there IS no extra panel, but everyone talks about it anyway, and that's the joke.

    • GUEST

      That would be funny. There should be a joke like that. …How about a BONUS bonus panel? Click the bread for the first one and the butter for the second!

  • ilikepie

    i feel like the frontman is wearing the burger venture shirt..

  • coolcalx

    why are the tabs shown on the stage? for the air guitarists in the crowd?

    • What tabs? All I see is a guitar talking =)

      • coolcalx


  • rachina

    Guys. There is an extra panel now. Quit freaking out.

  • Daniel

    This is the least hair I've seen on a metal band ever.

  • So… …are those tabs from, like, an actual song or did you just throw some random stuff together?

    • First tab is from a song I wrote, second one is a semi-random tab of zeros and ones that should be playable.

  • SouthOfHeaven

    @Justin: I recorded those riffs and I think I'll make a short song based on this(dont worry, I will credit you and there wont be any money value to me). Only if you give me your premission of course.

    Awesome riffs nontheless.

    • SouthOfHeaven

      I mean as a cover ofc.

      • I would love to hear them! Just shoot me an email or comment when you finish that thing!

        • SouthOfHeaven97

          Ive finished it. Tell me what you think;)

          Btw, what bands do you listen to?

          • Nice grooves going on in that song!

            Right now, my faveys are Taproot, Periphery, Mureau, Straight Line Stitch and Phil Collins/Genesis =)

          • SouthOfHeaven97

            Genesis rock hard\m/
            I wanna hear your original verison too asap. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Got to assume a drop tuning for that tab, I suppose?


    Tabs! Was wondering what that was. Thought the band was playing at an alien bowling alley and that was a scoreboard…