• Gravity seems pretty cool to me. I mean Gravity didn't forget the bungee cord.

  • Parker

    Gravity is a bad friend. He forgot to remind about the bungee cord

  • MS Paint Adventurer

    Higgs Boson: Found! We stole gravity's secret!

    • Guest

      The Higgs is responsible for mass, not gravity. Here's a helpful video!

      • GUEST

        But mass is responsible for the gravitational force, so… um… that sort of counts, I guess. *shrugs*

        • butt

          graviton bro

        • Guest

          nope, according to MinutePhysics "common physics misconceptions" video, mass doesn't govern gravity, it's energy and momentum, but, E=mc squared, so energy is dependent on mass, so… um… it still sort of counts, i guess. *shrugs* 🙂

    • loopadoopzoop

      *Inertia's secret

  • Ren

    And that is why Gravity rules the world.

  • Oraticus

    Don’t mess with gravity. My friend was complaining one day that it was gravity’s fault that his fast-food-fueled mass exhibited the unhealthy weight issues that it did. In response to that, Gravity compressed him into a singularity.

  • Jay

    "Also, hi" = Brilliant.

  • TomPi!

    *Safety* is the safest sound effect.