• Hal

    Wait…. the honks I get while driving may not be appreciation of my driving skills? What madness is this?

  • Jim

    I take it you've been a witness to road rage recently?

  • Thumbs up for road rage!!

  • Alphonse

    Heck yes, Borderlands! What character/class did you play as?

    Also do my eyes deceive me or are you not wearing your vertically striped shirt in the secret panel? :O

    • I played sniper, as I always seem to do in games. One of these days I'll play as a totally different class. Maybe.

      As for the shirt, I think it's just that the camera that I use for the extra panel never really seems to pick up color, stripes or any other details like that. Every once in a while it does, but not this time.

  • Driving right now~

    But… but everyone else /is/ a terrible driver! I go the speed limit and I've only run over two old ladies!

    • Hahaha, the Driving right now username really got me =)

  • VolNer

    I followed the advice and started driving a little better, but no one else did.
    Everyone is a Terrible Driver But Me! *hyperventilates*
    Now how will I ever be cured of my ETDBM Syndrome?

  • ActualHuman

    Is it just me or does does blue shirt…….. HAVE A NOSE IN THE SECOND PANEL?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Looks like their squished face interaction has produced a fold of skin kinda resembling a nose! Crazy things always seem to happen when people jam their faces into one another..

  • Bonzai

    Anyone out there have EIJMHDSS? (Everyone is judging my horrible driving skills syndrome)

    • Flakes

      I want a big sign on my car that says: "Not an asshole, just really bad at driving"

  • BeepBoopPEWPEW

    I feel like Justin should make PSA's…

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