So there are a couple things that I’m obsessed with these days.  If you follow me on Twitter or read the blogs over at LHT, you might already know about what follows.

Obsession 1:  Monster Energy drinks.

Those things are so good!  You may have read my post gushing about them over on LHT, but if you didn’t, lemme just say this.  I love Monster Energy drinks.


(Recent) Obsession 2:  CORGIS!

Oh my god, corgis!  I just totally love those dogs!  I pretty much love any dog, but corgis are definitely my favorite.  What doesn’t help is that my girlfriend found this site,, the other day and I can’t stop looking at it.  It updates many times a day too with picture of corgis, so it’s totally unfair if you are trying to be productive.


Obsession 3:  The Superego podcast.  I’ve been flying through their entire archive and have been really enjoying it.  They are improv audio skits and they are great.  If we have the same sense of humor, then there is a pretty good chance you will enjoy it as well =)


And that’s all for now!  Also, yay for finishing the first week of updates for Invisible Bread!  Are you ready for next week?  I’m not even gonna wait for an answer and assume that you were just about to say yes =)  Awesome!