• Mike C.

    I lol'd majorly at this. Panel 4 is the best.

  • Well since you're now inflicted with Boyd's Disease, I'm sure you'll have no problem with playing hours and hours of the new Binding of Isaac DLC!

    • There's new DLC?! But I just started playing Fallout: New Vegas! I'd have to cheat on New Vegas to play it!

      I have the hardest time playing more than one game at a time, but I'll surely give it a look soon =)

      • Nekro13

        Monster + New Vegas = Easy 48 Hour Platinum :D. Unless, of course, you're playing the Lonesome Road as well. Then not so easy.

  • Adam

    Wow…I feel stupid. It took me until the 2nd to last panel to realize he didn't mean Monster creatures but Monster the energy drink. Changes the comic completely!

    • 10Kan

      Same here. I originally thought the can in the first panel was a mobile device with some sort of monster-estimation bar graph app.

      • Should I add in the words "energy drink" somewhere in the first panel? Probably? Yeah. Yeah, I'll do that.

  • CAV

    But how can you donate blood with that extra M thing? XD

  • asdasd

    Caffeine addiction is one of the only first world problems that is actually an incredibly serious problem.

    • asdasd

      For me.

  • Kinda pumped you finally made a Monster comic. I'm going to celebrate by having a few at work today. I'll tweet you the celebration drinks later. =)

  • Squiisies

    I have a disease from the same family. My blood is AB+F; there is molten cake frosting in my blood.

  • Kal

    hell yeah, my burger adventure tshirt arrived, on the way to work today, I saw a monster car

  • Ren

    It took me two days, but I finally got a Phil Collins reference!
    Wait, was that a Phil Collins reference?

    Forget I said anything…

  • Brian

    I have a Absolute Zero a day. I think it maybe too much. But its so yummy.

  • AflacMan13

    The only problem with monster is the artificial sweetner Sucralose (also known as Splenda) actually blocks a large quantitiy of the caffeine in the can. So you are actually getting gipped on about two thirds of the caffeine content.

    • AflacMan13

      So I'll stick with Red Bull. It has no artificial sweetners.

  • brownunderwear

    I just took a 5 hour energy and now I'm drinking a Monster (that's a super cool lid by the way). Am I going to keep gaining energy until I burst into a ball of pure light and die?

    • Most definitely yes, but you'll have to drink several more before you go supernova.

  • Thesemar

    I like to think you’re like a vampire now. You have to drink Monster or else you’ll stop having enough “blood” to live. It is just inconvenient, except sometimes you pretend you’re ferocious and attack cans of Monster.

    • I would say that is a totally fair assumption and is sometimes not far at all from the truth =)

  • Air-Man

    5th Panel's computer screen appears to be showing a Troll face. Am I right?

    • Mikko

      Now that I think about it, I do see a troll face

    • Elliot Sicheri

      ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh!

  • marie


  • Minna

    The reference to the song made me laugh way too much

  • Been scrolling through the archives for a couple hours now, and in the last few minutes have gotten two or three annoying audio/video ads. They're not flash-based because I have flash disabled, so it must be some other hellspawn technology designed to annoy people.
    Just thought I'd let you know. Love the comic by the way, this is at least the third or fourth time I've spent most of an afternoon reading the archives.