• meklu

    Don't yell at the magic blinky-lights-box too harshly! I once did so and then it went deaf and could hear neither ones nor zeroes. And boy does it cost a lot to arrange a hearing aid for one of these boxes.

  • asdasd

    Gotta be honest, this one creeps me out a little bit.

    Probably because I can see myself doing it.

  • Wait, does this mean that when I unplug and reset my router, I'm basically cutting off some guy's oxygen for a few seconds to get him to do what I tell him?

    Because…I think I'm okay with that. Internets are a serious business!

  • zac

    maybe i should tell my light box the same thing, Internets are serious.

  • Yep, he knows that if he starts acting up, he gets unplugged. I consider it a 30-second time out, before plugging him back in, as he gasps for breath, and I say "don't make me do that again."

  • I need to start threatening my technology more.

    • theANdROId

      Yeah…mine don't respond until I get to the threats…usually the "throw you out the third floor window and/or into the pool" one works.

  • Gabriel

    just punch the box. punching boxes always works

    • Simba Aya

      I punched my laptop screen for over a year when it froze as I believe in Percussive Maintenance. Never replaced it. I'm scared… It's a Sony, not a Nokia. And I'm a programmer, not a hardware tech.

  • steve

    is data even compiled in zeros and ones anymore?

    • MrRouter

      …… really?

    • Watery

      Nope, it's sevens and twelves now.

      • Sir Library Eater

        More accurately, 7s, 1s, and 2s.

  • Oraticus

    My router always used to give me issues as well… blinking out wireless right when I needed it. Then I decided to take it out of the room where it sat all by itself, run cable to my family room, and gave it a nice little place in my entertainment center near the Wii, TV, computer, etc. It’s behaved ever since. I think it might have just been lonely.

  • timni12

    I like these comics very much. It is like a cleaner version of "Cyanide and Happiness". The jokes are much nicer and doesn't make you want to go to a priest for forgiveness.

  • Gwendolyn L

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