In An Elevator
  • Should've used the stripped t-shirt guy if it happened to you!

    • But that guy isn't me! That guy is a blue-shirted man with big time elevator fears. I'm a stripey-shirted guy that once had an elevator thing happen.

  • This may save your life! …or at least give you a higher possibility of survival :/

    • arkcine

      quite inspirational.

  • DualShotlocks

    This comic happens to me. I wen't to a suspicious Doctor with my dad, and the elevator made so many damn loud creaky noises. I have a fear of Elevators now.

  • Just before I got on the elevator this morning, I pretended to check my phone so the crowd of people ahead of me could get on, and I could have the next elevator all to myself.

    The day will come when I encounter another like myself, and we'll have an epic stalemate of selfishness.

  • Kernel Senders

    What happened in the hidden toast panel?

    • ActualHuman

      The INVISIBLE BREAD has been returned to it's normal state of being invisible. It still holds untold riches.

      • ActualHuman

        Wait i missed the word in and panel. The guy is still in the elevator shaking in terror.

  • Kellz

    It's funny how often I go "Hey! I do that!!!" when I read Invisible Bread.

  • Ren

    I appreciate how concerned Salmon Shirt seems. 🙂

  • Cloral

    If there are too many people in the elevator, it won't fall. It will get stuck. Had this happen to me once when there were 11 people in the elevator. We were stuck in there for 30-40 minutes, and by the end I was starting to freak out a bit from the lack of personal space.

  • Lucy

    No! No!!! I ran out of Invisible Bread comics!! Sad face. :[

    • More are always on their way =)

      • Lucy

        Yay, can't wait for more. :3

  • arkcine

    my schools elevator is (now broken due to my physics class) , really old, kinda loud and everyone stays away from it when there supposed to be using it (if they have injured legs) the only good thing about it is that students didn't abuse it because they were afraid that it would break. well the physics teacher who regularly drops bowling balls on the floor for little to no reason decide that it would be a good idea to send students to the elevator for the express purpose of having them jump up and down trying to get a reading on broken scales.

    • Badjuju

      My physics teacher used to do that too. Right above the health office.

  • hikaru

    I went to a college in Texas that used to be a bank. I always wondered why everyone took the stairs until i decided to go on the elevator. Never again. It skipped floors,stopped randomly, opened the door in the middle of floors, jolted a lot… god i honestly thought i was gonna die D:

    • Ahh! That's scary stuff!

      • hikaru

        It is ;Â;

  • craftsandhistory

    this reminds me so much when i passed out in the elevator when i was 3

  • stephone

    this is me an a nutshell