Can you guess what today is?  I’ll give you a second.


Time’s up!

It’s Invisible Bread’s one year anniversary!

Exactly a year ago, I announced Invisible Bread and it’s been awesome ever since!  A giant thank you to everyone out there!  The readers, the commenters, the Facebook likers, the redditors, the StumbleUponers and so on!  You are all my favorite people in the world!  Seriously! You’ve made making this comic very fun for me to do =)

And I do have a cool announcement too.  I’m putting a book together for the first year of Invisible Bread!  It will be completed a little bit down the road, but I guarantee you it will be worth the wait.  So if you wanna see any specific types of extras in the book, feel free to comment.  I’m planning to have some pages dedicated to the idea sketches that turned into the comics on the site with some commentary and probably some random doodles too just for fun!