Looking Tired
  • Squiisies

    I'm loving this one. My friend and I are in our second year of university, and have only recently discovered caffeine. Staying awake in lectures was once a mystery to us, but no more!

    • Interestingly enough, I only drank caffeine during my first semester of college, then gave it up for the remainder of college. I was drinking a 2 liter of Mountain Dew a day. That was bad news.

      Now it's a Monster once or twice a week, but ONLY for comicing purposes. And maybe a 5 Hour Energy. Those… those are to keep me awake when I'm about to pass out =)

      • cabbagehats

        Why does no one drink coffee anymore?! It's always Monster(tm) this and Rockstar(tm) that and ooh lookit my Redbull(tm) and have you tried Fullthrottle(tm)? It's piss! coffee is the only way to derive caffeine. You just ain't going to feel right sitting around a campfire drinking a can of Monster(tm) in the morning.

        • I don't like the taste of coffee, but I do like the taste of the energy drinks.

          Call me crazy, because I may be a crazy person.

          • ActualHuman

            Okay A. Crazy Person.

          • cabbagehats

            pleased to meetcha!

          • Ian Feagins

            >may be a crazy person
            Dude, you right one of the most hilarious webcomics I have ever seen. Only someone lacking a special hint of sanity could do that. You, sir, are a crazy person. But the good kind of crazy, not the "Locked up in an asylum" kind.

          • Much appreciated =)

          • michaeljsouth

            I also appreciate not being locked up in an asylum by @Ian Feagins. But if I did get locked up I would like it to at least be by someone with a name like "Ian Feagins". So, there would be that. But I'm still very appreciative of my current freedom.

        • Not an S

          Well in my opinion, stop putting tm after everything to make your point. Coffees are made by companies too.

        • Bob

          I drink coffee. I like to brew really strong coffee at bedtime, refrigerate it in a glass jar, and mix with milk and chocolate syrup in the morning. Yum. Rockstar is like candy. LOVE IT. I only drink 1/2 can if any though. I can't believe anybody drinks 3 or more cans per day!

        • Octothorpe

          Well energy drinks (like Fullthrottle and Rockstar) have vitamin B in it which is also an energy booster. And for some people, caffeine doesn't affect them as well.

      • juiceboxhero

        i enjoy iced coffee myself 😀 i like the starbucks ones in the botttle!

  • Chris Kopcow

    And he never fell asleep ever again. The end.

    • Farstic

      Still a better love story than Twilight.

  • This makes me miss the convenience store on the first floor of my office that sells Monster. I have no idea where the nearest energy drink dealer is in my new building. Gotta stand around looking tired somewhere…

  • This reminds me of the weekend, except with added Vodka .

  • Oraticus

    Only a waiter with cornrows is extreme enough to be assisting with proper energy beverage selection.

  • Duth Olec

    Pfft, energy drinks. I don't drink energy drinks, soda pop, OR coffee! I get all my energy from a night of sleep! AND I'm in collage!
    Yep… I do not have time for a social life.

    • Ser Carter

      You're in collage? So, you're made out of paper?

      • neo stythys

        paper people go to collage, fleshy ones go to college. a slight, but important difference!

  • PIE

    Thanks for the link to the Doghouse Diaries! Yay! more awesome comics to read instead of programming…

  • I need an energy drink right now…yet…I've never had an energy drink before.
    I'm really tired and the talent show is coming in about half an hour.

    • Oraticus

      Just tell them that your talent is narcolepsy. If they try to argue, just fall asleep.

  • zach

    thats what i felt like the other day lol :{)

  • Icalasari

    Caffeine puts me to sleep D:

    You know how much that SUCKS!?

  • marie

    which better of them RED BULL o MONSTER ENERGY?,

  • coolkid

    hes gonna get boyd's disease