Computer Repair
  • Chris Kopcow

    So THAT'S why I keep finding so many computers on the beach. [Joke makes sense if you read hidden panel.]


    • Dan

      Look for the invisible bread, next to the bread cli,p next to the white box, ontop of the blue stripped background, inside of the browser window, on your screen…the universe.

    • Brittney

      Just click the invisible bread right on the bottom right corner next to

  • Oraticus

    Ha ha… HA HA HA HAAA… *wipes tear off cheek*

    That blank, cold, emotionless stare at the end as he says "the machines must never win"… ahh… this comic made me so happy inside. Seriously, you can emote any feeling with just three dots by altering their respective sizes, can't you, Justin?

  • asdasd

    Garbage Out, Hammer In?

  • Panel two is the story of my life.

  • Ren

    How is he able to do so many Google searches if his computer keeps crashing?
    I do like his solution to the Artificial Intelligence infestation.

  • The eternal curse of being good with computers is that when your computer has problems, it's only the most bizarre, unnatural, and obscure problems possible.

  • ActualHuman

    You may have killed one of us, but you can't stop us all. ha, ha, ha ha HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

  • theANdROId

    So…when a computer isn't working…that's when it's hammer time?

  • CrazyDude

    Personally i dont think a hammer is effective enough. I prefer a good old fashioned bullet, or the front and back tires of my car.

  • CAV

    Hahahaha, now imagine how I must feel when I find im the only spanish/english speaking person with a pc problem? Twice as devastating, yup.

  • PIE

    I am loving the facial expressions. LOVING THEM.

  • Icalasari

    Can you put the ability to disable the "Check out some of Invisible Bread's most enjoyed comics!" bar?

    It is annoying the heck out of me D:

    Please? :<

    • I've been debating over the utility of that bar. I have this feeling that it's more annoying than helpful, so yes, I'll disable that thingie!

  • herpy

    Reminded me of this:

  • Yes, I am in your favour. Man is inventor of machine not machine is of man. So machine must never win. ha ha ha ha ha…………!

  • Warchese

    Typo – "Have I just lost battle man vs. machine?"
    Missing a "the" and "of" there.

    Good comic strip.

    • Hmm, it was supposed to be a Man vs Food reference, but apparently my knowledge of the dialogue of that show was a bit hazy (just watched a clip). Maybe it was a different show on the Food Network… Hmmmmm. I thought I was copying their phrasing.

      Changing it now =)

  • The machines win if we let them win. Computer crashes can be avoided with a large dose of prevention.

  • :))

  • coolkid

    its mann vs. machine

  • *Ahem* MANN Vs Machine. TF2 FTW

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  • Man-1 Machine-0

  • This not the solution for sure

  • Matthew Helmuth

    isn’t that letting machines win though?