• Mythril

    I managed to stop buying games just because they are on sale, but my backlog of games is still formidable.

    • Xxx_Bloody_Rekt_xxX

      my game budget is the only thing stopping me from buying steam itself. WHY ARE THOSE PEOPLE SO GOOD AT STEALING MONEY?!

  • joey bloggs

    Oh really? Well I call you a hypocrite! I have a test coming up in two days and only *today*, I found out about the invisible bread in the lower right corner, and had to re-read the archive!
    At least you are not charging for your comic. Because then you coud do special offers on the archive, and then we would be hooke d again.

    That aside, the comments don't show up when using opera.

    • Study first! Oh no, I don't want you to fail that test! Pass that test! The invisible breads will always be there.

      Also, just updated my Opera install and I don't have any problems viewing the comments. What version are you running?

      • joey bloggs

        Nah, my mistake. I am experimenting with Ghostery and it blocked IntenseDebate.

  • Chris Kopcow

    Aww Steam, I can never stay mad at you!

  • Sir Fally

    DAMMIT! Thats exactly whats happening to me these days. I hate you Steam!

    No, no. Dont cry Steam. I play with you ok?

  • Steam and Gary's Mod. Get me EVERY TIME!!!!

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  • asdasd

    How are you finding LA Noire, Justin?

    I really, really wanted to like it. But I found the investigatey bits achingly dull, and the fighty and drivey bits were awkward and paled in comparison to dedicated fightems and shootems and drivems. These are all professional games industry terms, by the way.

    And the interrogatey bits! Man, they were worst of all. Weird, and such arbitrary conditions for success or failure – like the world's most elaborate series of coinflips.

    Like I said, I was pretty desperate to love the game. It's an incredibly well-presented world, from the music to the graphics (those faces!), even the voiceover work is good. But having gotten promoted to homicide, I just never went back to it.

    • You're summary right there is pretty dang close to what I would write up for my summary.

      I really want to like it and just kinda have to force myself to play it in hopes of eventually enjoying the game. It hasn't happened yet and I'm worried that, well, it's just not gonna happen.

      I do like discovering the story through the interrogations, but searching for evidence can be pretty tedious and really isn't enjoyable. The pacing is just dang slow, which can be fine, but it doesn't seem to work for me with this game.

      Yeah, I wanna make myself like it, but I can only play for maybe 30 minutes before just closing it out and playing The Binding of Isaac

  • Steam (and Team Fortress 2 in particular) had enveloped so much of my free time that I almost had to stop drawing comics since I couldn't set aside time for them anymore. Buying hats/crafting/trading items certainly did not help. Great comics!

  • This. This was me yesterday. Fucking Dear Esther. I sat with my finger on the W key for 2 hours.. it was. SO WORTH IT.. but I didn't draw anything.. I dunno if I'll ever have time for Costume Quest.

  • Jonathan

    February 14th, 2012?

    I like how we had the same Valentine's Day priorities.

  • Shabashoom

    What was that Justin? Another invisible bread you say?
    Oh homework, you can wait till tomorrow morning.

  • You're TEARING ME APART, Steam! D:

  • Octothorpe

    And then there was

  • Jake

    praise gaben

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