Catching Up
  • I like that his shirt says "important nasa guy" 😛 And congrats on 100 comics! 😀

    • Starchie

      Well he has the authority. He is important after all. And from NASA. And that guy.

  • ActualHuman

    Is dark blue shirt saying "Soo yeah", or "500 yeah"? I though it was 500 at first but "Soo" would make more sense.

    • theANdROId

      Could be 500…as an accidental yet prophetic slip (intentional on the author's part) to when they'll finally be ungrounded: by the time Invisible Bread gets to 500 comics!

      Congrats on 100 comics! This comic has been great and it seems like both longer and shorter than 100! Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to that 500th comic! 😉

    • It was a "soo yeah", but it did kinda look like a 5. I just adjusted the text. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Congratulations on 100! I look forward to 1,000!

  • firealpha

    Rereading this comic with Phil Collins playing in the background.

  • Congratulation for the 100 comics!!!

  • Congrats on the plateau! I hope we don't have to wait another 100 comics to see Space Snake again. He would get awfully lonely out there drifting in space with nobody to talk to for 100 comics.

    • I love Space Snake. I plan on having him and his pals appear more often =)

  • Well, hello, and congratulations on your milestone! I saw your ad on 3chorddorks and I like your comeek! I love finding new webcomics. Others I like are Something Positive, Questionable Content, Diesel Sweeties, and Two Lumps. And of course, the infamous

    Glad you are here!

    • Thanks! Glad you came on over here to check out these comics I gots =)

  • Otto Bob Otto

    What's with you and Phil Collins?

    • I enjoy the music of Phil Collins and bands with a Phil Collins in it.

    • angriestchair

      This question is an unforgivable sin.

  • Mandy

    Dude, space snake?! What an amazing idea. I usually don't comment on stuff but I had to say congrats on making it to 100 comics! I love reading them; the characters, the expressions, the stories and yes, the jokes, make me excited to wake up on Tuesday and Thursday. 😀 Sometimes, after a hard Monday, I know Tuesday will be better with Invisible Bread. <3 So thank you, and I hope to be congratulating you on another milestone soon.

  • Ren

    So happy to see Space Snake again.

  • Wow, has it really been 100 comics already? I've been following since the first one, and even earlier. Congratulations, Justin. And we still have the same mother who is the coolest mom ever and decided to name us the same thing, right? (I really hope you remember that, or I'll feel all weird that I'm making a joke nobody gets.)

  • Woah, I was actually surprised it was only 100. I feel like I've read so many of these, but I think it's because they're more memorable than most strips I read. So, congrats on a very memorable hundred!

    • This guy said it better than I did, so, uh, ditto! This comic starts my workdays with a smile every update. 🙂

      • Really appreciate these compliments! Thanks! They will serve as fuel for the next 100+ =)

  • Congrats on 100, Justin! Looking forward to the next hundred.

  • HAPPY 100TH! And I was here to see it for once :3

  • Oh, and also…what's going to happen to the snake? Shouldn't it of died by now?

    • ActualHuman

      Space Snake can never die. Space. Space. Let's go to space. Are we in space?

    • Space Snake will never die. I promise you that.

  • Snake? Snake?! SNAKE!!!

    I missed ya buddy! (cleverly placed pun has now been deployed)

    • Nice Metal Gear Solid reference right there =)

  • lorileli

    there should be a shirt in your store that says "important nasa guy" i would most definitely buy it

  • Ian Feagins

    Does this mean that the "Important NASA Guy" T-Shirts are back? Or are those just kinda gone?

    • I have some in the store. I ordered some more a little while back.

      • Ian Feagins

        Thanks for fillin' me in, dude.

  • spidercow

    wait…did you only do another comic about the space snake just so you could draw the important NASA guy again?

    • I did another comic about Space Snake because I love Space Snake.

  • tayrawr

    I love your comics<3 They are hilariously amazing :O

  • Ena

    Return of the space snake…