• Those aren't reliable diagrams, there doesn't seem to be any statistical backing to any of this. At least some percentages of compatibility?

    And if I let my life be dominated completely by graphs/diagrams I would get absolutely NOTHING done

  • but, but, but the text on the diagram is the opposite of what the diagram is showing (an Intersection).

    • A dark void of intersection. It only exists to remind this man that any and all forms of intersection just isn't gonna happen with that girl.

      However, the other girl, she's a whole new collection of diagrams and graphs.

      • Giraffe Fan

        Besides, it says right there in the thought bubble thing that the venn diagram never lies, what more proof does he need?

  • Chris Kopcow

    It's a shame…."That girl" is such a pretty name, too

    • …but it does seem like he has a non-zero chance with "someone"

      • "Someone" is a nice person. I can vouch for them.

        • GUEST

          I met "someone" once. They sure were "something."

  • Oraticus

    While it may be true that a Venn diagram may never lie, It's a known fact that John Venn, the titular inventor of the Venn diagram, was a pathological liar. His only redemption was a legacy of truth born from a womb of deceit.

  • Giraffe Fan

    I fell asleep during the diagraming part of math class. Does this mean I'll never get a date!

    • GUEST

      I'll lend you my notes, don't worry.

  • ( lies (venn diagrams) never )

    I'm sorry, but it had to be done.

  • Um…how does this guy SURVIVE and reproduce, with so many graphs! He doesn't make decisions on his own, only graphs. He does it off of pure luck that he counts on the time he made those graphs to be exact to the moment he needs them.

    Guy:O.k…I have a death or death decision, and I'm in a buiding with no power whatsoever! My choices are:Get shot with gun, jump out the window onto the power generator, and then an electric chair, WHICH DO I CHOOSE!
    Graph:The gun!
    Graph: >:D MUAHAHAHA! I'm an evil graph :3

    • Someone

      Ah, but doesn't he make the graphs?

  • Mineblock5000

    I love Dark Green!