• Neil

    I like this comic. Reminds me when I made out with my mates sister. Shes hot.

  • Dan

    The continuing adventures of "Robby-Rob" The Co-worker


    So one of them wasn't actually a first-one-of-the-group people. I'll guess randomly that the girl got there first.

  • Friends' sisters are the best! I think that's a rule..

  • Ian Feagins

    Random suggestion for the next comic: Some guy weighing the pros and cons of being home sick from school/work. Maybe even the graph guy from a number of comics ago! (Please note that this is a mere suggestion).

    Still, dude, great work with the comic. Lovin' it. :3 Gives me something to read while Hasting's comic is updating before I check Axe Cop and Nedroid.

    • +1 Thumbs up =)

      • Ian Feagins

        Thanks man! 😀 Another good thing about this webcomic: The Writer and Illustrator directly replies to his reader's comments. That is just the coolest thing, man!

        The one bad thing: A capital "i" and a lowercase "L" can get mixed up very easily. o-o Not really much of a problem, though.

  • Brandon

    Happy new year! Relatively new reader and enjoying your comics. Keep 'em up!

  • Zac

    This sort of happened the opposite way for me. I was hanging out with my friend and his older sister started talking to me and really trying to get me alone. I told her to back off and all, but it didn't happen.

    She stalked me for two year.

    • Bazul

      You should be proud, getting stalked is miles above the goals of the average internet dweller.

  • The real problem here is how sweaty that late guy is. Unless he was late because he was running around in sprinklers. Yup, let's go with that.

    • I would like to confirm that yes, that's why he was late. He's actually a sprinkler tester to make sure that kids don't get hurt when they play in them.

  • Anonymouse