• Jasper

    "i wan't to be"

    for shame, justin

    • Man, here I was getting ready to post about a rogue apostrophe, but it was the first post of the day! I even got up early today!

      • My bad guys! I'm no't su're how' that on'e got' by m'e.

        • GUEST

          For won't of an explanation, well assume its a typo. I hate typo's.

          • GUEST

            Especially when they happen to me. 🙁

  • I know goldfish #2 is lifting a pebble as a weight, but that pebble looks eerily similar to a tiny rubber duck

    • I cannot unsee that rubber ducky, nor do I want to.

  • Giraffe Fan

    Hmf! The giraffe would eat them both and stop their rogue evolutionary madness!

  • Chris Kopcow

    And then, being goldfish, they both forgot what they were doing and continued to be friends.

    • They don't ACTUALLY have such a short memory; the average memory span has been proven to be as long as 3 months!

      • wolfgirl

        must remember to not tick off a goldfish

  • Oraticus

    Maybe it’s just me, but that orange, muscular fish looks like a crazy hybrid cross between a Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish and a Bullet Bill.

    • Nonny

      That's exactly what I was thinking when I read this!! 😮

  • PIE-314

    i love the facial expressions!! reminds me of your comics with people.

  • ActualHuman

    Yay, now i have arms and can no longer swim and……… that's not a good thing for a fish is it?

  • This is not going to end well, that fish is going to just kill the cat now.

  • Cristian

    The site recently switched over to Cloudfire, right?

    • I've had Cloudflare going for the site for a month or so I think. I turned it off the other day to try and figure out this weird thing that was going on, but turned it back on a couple hours later.

      Are you seeing weirdness or are just curious?

  • The Shaq who Isn't

    Evolution?! Not on my watch!

    *gets out de-evolution stick*

    • Ian Feagins

      Um… sir, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find such technology as that, would you. Maybe I could hit my enemies back into amoebas with it.

      • ActualHuman

        Try his back pocket.

        • The Shaq who Isn't

          As if I'd keep such sensitive technology in my back pocket! It's in my front!

  • asdasd

    If these were my fish, I would name them Groose and Fledge.

  • lorileli

    this is the very meaning of steroids, forcing your own rapid-evolution

  • Nancy Muntz

    Waterdome! 2 fish enter, 1 fish leaves!