• Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours thing is BS! I've been breathing my entire life and I still manage to screw it up now and then. Ditto for swallowing.

  • HunterJE

    The worst is when someone asks "Are you alright?" because then you have to insist you're fine between horrible uncontrollable paroxysms.

  • Emmy

    Yeah, I do this alot, usually at church, in the middle of youth group, sometimes while we're praying…

    • That sounds like one of the worst times to suddenly forget how to properly swallow water.

    • Dan

      Wonder how many looks you would get having a coughing fit on communion wine/juice.

    • Giraffe Fan

      Wait… wait… shouldn't you be praying and not drinking during those times? Don't tell me you're sneakily drinking the holy water!

  • mattmaldre

    I love how you make the last panel to have an all-black background. Your comic is classic!

  • Dan

    That was me this morning.

    Get out of my head – Invisible Bread.

  • Giraffe Fan

    He might have a bit better time swallowing it if he had a longer neck!

  • theANdROId

    Yours has become my new favorite comic! Although, sometimes I wonder if you know me and are spying on me!

  • I always feel like they're naked in the extra panel, so the water's really just helping him wash up. No wrongs there, just water being extra helpful. Unless he looks up, chokes on it, and drowns…

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  • Ashfire

    just read all these in one go. was directed here from dan long. adding this comic to speed dial. don't use subjects in sentences. are fragments XD

  • ActualHuman

    This is why I stopped drinking water.

  • This has become my second favorite webcomic (right behind The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja!), if you all must know. I find it so hilarious! XD These are amazing! Oh, yeah, and if you're gonna use someone who's angry but not "Get in this pan. NOW." guy angry, then please, use the black background again. I find it hilarious. :3

    • theANdROId


      So hilarious! 😀

    • Glad you like the comics I got going on here, Ian! Second place isn't a bad thing at all either, especially if it's right behind Dr. McNinja =)

  • Miles

    I see this one is you, Justin! 😉

    Love the comic – LHT and IB are great 😀 MOAR UPDATES!!

  • Sara

    just started reading this comic–you're amazing!

  • Icalasari

    Caught up!

    …Great, ANOTHER comic to add to my list…

    :< Why does everybody have to be so good at comics?

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  • guest

    if you try breathing in as deep as you can, preferably somewhere in the start of the coughing, it helps a lot. I find if I can manage to do that, then it is possible to just cough one or two proper coughs and not have a whole fit.

  • I'm totally gonna try that next time this happens!

  • Cobalt Blue

    LOL, misbehaving water… spare the rod and spoil the bottle.

  • Derpy Herpa Derp

    At a funeral is even worse.

  • Christine

    Yes! I hate choking on water, especially when my mom says to drink something. WHAT DO YOU THINK CAUSED THE ISSUE?! D:

  • Mineblock5000

    *weird sound* LOL!

  • I love how you make the last panel to have an all-black background. Your comic is classic!

  • Lauren Brown

    Or when you’re coughing from drinking something and someone tells you to drink something to stop coughing.

  • Madame Kagamine


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