Self Checkout
  • AzT

    Man, I would SO watch an Average Man Olympics. But only if it was a sports competition for real, not like a reality show average man olympics. That would suck.

  • Once I was using self check-out, and after scanning a couple of items, I realised there were no carrier bags, and obviously the machine doesn't do anything in this case, it just waits for you to finish… Didn't know quite what to do, so in the end I just raised my hand and loudly said "I need assistance". *Sigh* never again.

  • When i worked at a supermarket i used to commentate the people going through self serve…

  • Amaster

    I would so totally fail at the parallel-parking time trial. I'm not sure if I can really parallel park without a timer going.

  • kktkkr

    Now those 3rd and 6th panels would make a good T-shirt design.

  • Hey, it's that double take thing again! Where's the bigger version? I can't find it! I NEED ASSISTANCE

  • sharkoftheday

    Hehe, once you have had to work checkouts, it's almost always faster to do it yourself. If only the machines worked towards that principle. 😛

  • I don't get how it handles stuff like produce, or how they keep you from sneaking a few unscanned items along unless they have like, guards monitoring constantly.

    • James

      It uses the PLU number and a scale for produce the same as the other checkouts. You read the number off the label or you have to look it up.

      A scale checks it the weight you put in the bag at the end matches the weight of the items you scanned. Wind blowing through the doors at one place kept confusing the scale and making the attendant come over and reset it for me. I suppose you could scan a cheap heavy item and then slip several expensive items of identical weight into the bag instead. The employees don't seem to question why the scale reports a problem before overriding it either.

      I know I accidentally keyed in the number for a cheaper bulk item one time and couldn't go back, so I just let it undercharge me. Wow, that's enough material for two or three comics right there.

      • looking up a number for the specific kind of produce I bought, which I probably don't even remember anymore… times like that I'd be glad my store had such a pitifully tiny produce selection.

  • Dan

    I remember at Walmart once I bought a BYO dresser that I took through self checkout. Either the helper was blind or missing. I couldn't quite wrestle the box out of the cart and up to the scanner and the guy behind me had to help.

  • Oraticus

    Oh, the scratched/bent credit card… the Achilles’ heel of the Average Man Olympian. The scales of victory rest soundly upon its cracked and back-pants-pocket-warped edge.

    Also, good transaction-registering pun, Mr. Announcer. You are a true credit to your trade.

  • James

    I should print this and hand it to the attendant the next time she has to come assist me.

  • There's also the
    'Please place your item in the bag' – ITS IN THE BLOODY BAG. But I had to put the bag on the floor cos there's not enough room left. Grrrrr.

  • barnsley sime

    i am paid to monitor six of these through the night. not the best time to be using them, straight from the pub. bain of my life. if i ever meet the woman who did the voice, i shall kill her. and the man who invented them.

  • Aita

    I love self-check… can't wait until I can use my phone instead of my card though, bloody odd, that.

    swipe two cards, slide stuff through, leave… no issue.

    For those who don't understand, the bagging check has a scale under it, it's what causes your bagging errors… I don't know how many people don't understand that or can't figure it out.

    Makes parts of my brain twitch when old/stupid people fight with it and whine and bitch… and I don't work there, those who do much have nerves of steel and a notable lack of cattle prods.

  • I just wanted you to know i accidentally found the Invisible Bread button (It makes sense now!) so I spent all day re-reading the whole archive so I could see all of them,

  • Best. Comic. Ever.

  • Idk why but this comic is just amazing in so many ways lol

  • Duke of diapers

    Fast as lightning ⚡

  • MePlayingGames

    Part of me is a little annoyed that self checkout exists. That was MY job in high school, its taking away jobs. It is also annoying that I’m doing something I used to get paid to do. Its a double-lose scenario.