Space Snake
  • Metal

    In space, no one can hear you sssssssssssssssscream.

    Unless, like space snake, you have a headset and human vocal chords.

  • Kal

    thats the power of love

    • That's gonna be my first song of the day =)

  • Dave

    The Important NASA Guy t-shirt really serves to illustrate how important that NASA guy is. Great work!

  • Chris Kopcow

    I work at NASA and i can tell you that is exactly what us important people wear

    • Sweet, I'm glad I could get that confirmed. I have a feeling most people thought I was just making it up.

      • jasonpoland

        I think this "Important NASA guy" shirt is a hit, Justin!

        I'm from Houston, so I think everyone here would need one.

    • I don't work at NASA, but I can tell you that this guy is awesome.

  • Everyone

    Please sell "important nasa guy" t-shirts!


    Well, NASA stopped sending people to space, but they had to send SOMEBODY.

    • skeleton

      I guess that rules me out :'(

  • I was getting all ready for David Bowie and Major Tom, but Huey Lewis is never a wrong answer.

  • Pete

    I work for a NASA contractor and we sell a unit called the TSS. Actually just shipped some to NASA. I am so sad that it is not an actual talking space snake.

  • Ren

    You had me at -ksh-

  • Mari

    lol i like the shirt "important nasa guy" XD

  • BoywondersLover

    Took my forever to figure out what TSS meant. xD

    • Metal

      What does it mean? I swear I didn't notice it the first time reading.

  • The pi. It's gone. There is a slice of bread in it's place! The hidden panel seems less delicious now than before.

    • But I put extra butter on all the hidden panels!

    • Mari

      :O i know u

    • Mari

      endoalir? umm jason

  • meepmeep

    "I think it's the gravity down there that makes it feel so good" so it's a FREUDIAN SLIPPING talking space snake…

    • Aita

      Uhm… how would that be a Freudian Slip, exactly?

  • Sweet potato pie, the code name spells "tsss!" That's incredible!

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  • Katie

    Houston,we have problem,

  • Jeepee Dee

    Hi there ! I’m very happy to meet the Space Snake, as by my side I also created one for my Cosmic Disco Opera. Check it out here :

    By the way, I’d love to use one of your pictures…