Help Your Mother
  • Sarah

    Oh those silly grown-ups… 🙂

  • AureateScribe

    Oh, generational gap… you're amusing until you've become this form of burden.

    Had this problem just this past Sunday with my parent's email… it got nice and hacked, and was spitting out spam to everyone on their contact list. What's even sadder was that they were getting emails from their equally-old friends who were confused why their anti-virus software was blocking the attachment in my parent’s email. I mean, c'mon… it looked totally legit. My parents always send emails with “Wazzup…” leading things off in the subject line.

  • Aita

    I love that I don't have a generation gap with my mom… she's a techy just like me. I was brought up in a house of gamers, I learned to read because I was pissed I couldn't read Phantasy Star 2, my Mom introduced me to AD&D~

    Ah, nostalgia of a lucky gamer~

    • I envy yoy

      • Tigger

        I also envy yoy. So much to envy about him.

  • Giraffe Fan

    Did she at least win the free iPad 2?

    • I haven't received any calls from my mom about credit card theft or questions about how to use an iPad, so I'm gonna assume no =)

      Also, if you are reading this, hi mom! Don't worry, I know you are pretty good at computers now!

  • RG

    Heheheheheheheheheh! I know how both of them feel! XD

    • GUEST

      …For a second, I thought that was something perverted. 😉

      • Elliot Sicheri

        me too. this is the one time ive seen “heheheheheheheheheh” used in something NOT perverted!

  • that's not even exaggerated. that happens all the time.

  • Kintrex

    Yeah, my mom calls me "son of mine" too.

  • AureateScribe

    The more I look at this comic, the more I think every one in said comic has had a spatula grafted into their shoulder socket. In the case of your avatar though, Justin, he actually seems to have the ability to morph either arm into spatula depending on his correlation to the viewing screen, a la Mega Man.

    I envy you.

  • Kal

    considering how many of the popups she clicked, is she the mom that is 56 but looks 27? do dermatologists hate her? does google pay her $3600 a month? whiter than white teeth? lost 7 stone in two week without amputation?

  • This definitely reminds me of my mom sadly

  • Stick person


  • French Fry

    Why is that man in the background poking at his chests?

  • Shadow

    I know how this feels completely.

  • AlessandraMart

    My mother has to call me to send me an e-mail. *headdesk*

  • Dave_Harmon

    The important thing to realize about someone in that condition, is they are not actually reading the messages. Even if they manage to recite the text on the screen, it’s a mechanical process — they are not paying attention to what it says, much less applying their critical-thinking skills to judge whether the claim is plausible or even possible. Anxiety and panic turn off the higher mental functions….

    And Trojans totally will claim that your anti-virus is out of date, and you need to download the update by clicking right here…. (And they can capture the “window close” function to pervert your attempt to dismiss the popup.)