Due Date
  • Greg Anderson

    I guess his roommates just didn't want to bother him.

    • Joe Don

      Or that they might have thought he was in a coma and were too lazy to actually do anything about it.

  • Giraffe Fan

    Hopefully it was the giraffe who leaned in the window to eat his salad while he slept!

    • Your comments remind me that I want to do more giraffe comics =)

      • Giraffe Fan

        That news just brightened my day. I'm looking forward to them, not that I don't look forward to all the comics, but … Giraffes!

  • Chris Kopcow

    luckily it was a class on researching sleep deprivation

  • luckily he had no assignment, his mind was tricking him… once again

  • Ren

    This was so wonderfully amazing because it reminded me of the mid-point and second-to-last week of every semester of my nine-year college career.

    Sorry that sentence was so long I've been up all night reading webcomics.

  • AureateScribe

    His subconscious also seems to have harbored some resentment against his laptop too, with that brutal head-butt. Maybe he had been ignoring its subtle suggestions for too long about how un-manly it was to have a desktop background image of a unicorn dashing across a rainbow.

    • ~Guus

      Wait, unicorns aren't manly?
      Man, now I have to change my entire view of the world!


    No, you didn't. You traveled four days back in time. You shou

    • GUEST

      ld check the date. …Oh, yeah. Then you kept sleeping for a week. Huh. On the bright side, it seems your past self no longer exists! HAHA… he had it coming, that lazy boy who parties for three weeks and expects to get a paper done.

      • GUEST

        …And yes, I do know I accidentally submitted one half of it and had to continue on a separate post. Just in case you wondered. How did I even do that?

  • zants

    How I wish college actually allowed turning assignments in late….

    • Ren

      University does, if you beg!

  • Aita

    hahahahaha school…


  • Mari

    The fourth panel is so hilarious i like the eye detail

  • goradde


  • Kulian

    I always drool when I sleep, so that laptop would have been GONE after 3 days.

  • Kulian

    I always drool when I sleep so that laptop would have been GONE after 3 days.

  • jackdawson1010

    I've been there before.

  • Katie

    L0l I get that feeling a lot because I stay up late reading these comics 😛