• They shrinked the planet and the trees and people and everything else but themselves :O That's a pretty hefty power there. Those turtle school teachers were probably scared of the power within, that's why they downplayed it.

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  • AureateScribe

    Teenage Mutant Giant Turtles… now with human intimidation powers!

  • I see a series about the life and times of these two giant turtles…

  • —-

    I love invisible bread.com.

    • rachina

      say sumthin about turtles dude

      • —-

        Shut cho mouth

  • crashsuit

    Turtle companies will go bankrupt!

  • JHYW

    Am I going to have to be the first to point out that those would be tortoises, not turtles? I am, aren't I? Aww, I don't want to be THAT guy!

    • rachina

      oh… yeah. but maybe there's a pond nearby, offscreen.

      • Yup, that one. The body of water is actually right behind you. I'm surprised you didn't see it.

        In other totally unrelated news, I learned some key differences between turtles and tortoises recently =)

        • fukyocouch

          thats not unrelated at all.

        • _______

          I saw the ponds(2) as well but they may just be duck ponds……

      • _______

        It is true
        In unrelated news a random ivisible bread person has been seen in a pile of his hair

  • SuZume

    Mr. Pokeylope~

  • ActualHuman

    I like turtles. Please don't hurt me.

  • rachina

    i like turtles. they're cute.

  • I like turtles. I wouldn't pick one up, though. I've always been taught to leave the wildlife to itself.

  • Ninja

    If that where me i’d probably try and find a way to ride it. XD

  • /
    I no longer like turtles.

    • weegee93


      • _______

        You heartless MANIAC!!!! What did turtles do to u "HUH PUNK"(this was written in the defense of insulted turtles every where

  • Leave turtles alone!!!

  • Turtlelover

    Turtles are my favorite animal.

  • weegee93


  • NathalyJaylin110

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  • PewDiePie

    Image result for swagturtle meme