The Future
  • Dchas

    “the future doesn’t work that way” HA!

  • There is nothing to those devices. How do you control them. Also I guess youtube will be around forever

    • daft

      I am presuming neural link

    • FutureGoogleInc

      "OK, Google"

  • Just found the secret button. Now i see how it works

  • Oraticus

    Why does everything in the future have to feature just one eyepiece? It makes everyone look like a futuristic Mr. Peanut sporting a techno-monocle.

  • Im amazed on how he wondered off to the future.

  • jasonpoland

    His power level is so high! Especially for someone with so many down votes.

    • smooth 718

      I know that reference. LOL

    • ian

      23,000 RADDITZ!!!!

  • cyber

    it's over 9,000. everyone else was thinking it.

    • Yeah, and you spoiled it. Funny how the past can have such an enormous effect on the future. You did something in the past, and there's no way the future can prevent it from happening. The past's a bitch.

  • Chris Kopcow

    I call that this exact scenario will happen by 2015.

    • My eye-piece display told me it would happen this afternoon. We need to sync-up more often.

  • Xenos

    Just makes me wanna scream, "It's OVER 9,000!"

  • Aita

    Actually, this may be a lot closer than people realize. Further, optic-recognition software is already out there, if a bit primitive compared to sci-fi still. – The Eyewriter is an eye-sensing, non-commercial project originally built to help a fully-paralyzed graffiti artist communicate and practice his art again. His name is TEMPT1 and he can be researched if you care. The apparatus itself costs less than 200USD to build. The software/drivers for it are free and open-source.

    Text-to-type is largely programmable, so you can teach a computer to understand you if you put effort into it. My "common" speech is recognizable by my computer, and it's capable of responding to vocal commands (though I rarely use it as anything more than a party trick… "Computer, play me something with a latin beat~", which plays something from the latin category in my RP, is still pretty neat.).

    Technology is fascinating and I like keeping in touch and putting effort into it. I like the idea of universal communication via sub-vocalization and neural-controls… but it'll be a bit before that's as good as it needs to be to LARP my CP2020… then again… 2020's just around the corner…

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  • This is almost the same tech used in the book "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom". Awesome!

  • Aita

    Oh, and you could look into the Eyetap, which is a step up from normal optic displays… it's pretty awesome, and I'm looking into building myself one~

  • Hilarious. I kept picturing the "Welcome to the Future!" comment from Futurama…

  • AngieMyst

    Who needs eyepieces? In the future, they'll have augmented-reality contact lenses! 😀

  • Brittney

    Can I make a guess? Your a redditor?

  • Katie

    I would enjoy having one :3

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  • These comics explain my life. They were created by god (or Chuck Norris) and are the reincarnation of awesome and universal orientation.I ask only for you to convert to my new religion, Indivisibreadism, Where we worship Chuck Norris and Thank him for sending the prohphets (comics).

  • Wow, so Google Glass is pretty much this (or aims to become this, anyway). You're a FUTURE PREDICTOR!!! How does it feel?

  • Actual

    Testing testing testing

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