• Cen

    Haha, I like the people's face on the final panel! And I find the idea of making one or more panels in the comic animated fairly interesting and innovative. Helps notice visual jokes, adds some dynamism to the comic, saves up space, looks cooler! Good work!

    (But I still demand a set of buttons on the upper side of the comic. :P)

    • Thanks!

      Also, I wanna figure out the navigation thing too =) There's an issue with Comicpress (the software I use) where the previous and next buttons get messed up if a blog is the most recent thing on the site. Long story short; I'll figure it out =)

  • Chris Kopcow

    i feel like i can't be on this page that long because he will keep punching himself if i stay. and i don't want him to get hurt cos of me

  • Billot

    I can never take the words "duty" or "duties" seriously when I hear them aloud. Gets me every time. I hope none of my friends ever ask ma if I can share their duties.

  • An animated panel and TWO extra panels? Justin, you spoil us!

  • You just blew my mind.

  • jasonpoland

    I think this bullying operation functions like a pyramid scheme. Or maybe more like a flow chart that flows back into itself.

  • AureateScribe

    I envy Jim's stamina. I usually get up to about 11-15 punches to my face before I'm too exhausted and sore. I almost feel like he could keep going no matter how long I watch him.

    THAT is dedication, Jim… that is dedication.

  • Xenos


  • Colleen

    Do you have a regular schedule for posting these?

    • Yes indeed I do! Every Tuesday and Thursday! I mention it on the about page, but I think i should add a mention somewhere to the regular pages as well =)

  • Kal

    all he needs to do is take a marker pen, and turn the bully's eyebrows into ^ and he'll be okay

  • That Guy

    Brilliant. More comics need to do this hahaha

  • Melkor

    Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

  • Katie

    That must have been awkward…

  • Poopy McGee

    Jim, this is what you get for bullying!!!

  • nietzschesdadsboss

    the unprecedented DOUBLE bonus panel! (pinching myself…surely I am not worthy…)

  • It must be hard to run a bully operation.. Thinking up ways like “Figure it out!” must take up most of the brain power when your so busy concentrating on your own schedule.