• Frank

    Boo I hate sunburn 🙁

  • And he is looking right into the sun to.

    • dark vader


    • loopadoop


  • Kal

    the sun is an evil version of cupid with them arrows of hot love

  • Oraticus

    He might get a tan, but I think a full facial molt is more likely.

    Oh, and I was wondering, should he be wearing a blue-striped shirt?

    • I run a lot outside these days, so the sun and I are pals. I wouldn't say best pals, but I think he would let me stay at his place if I were in town.

      • AureateScribe

        I went over to his place for a Mario Kart Wii-a-thon once, and I gotta warn you… he has the Thermanator 2000 from the coffee shop in his place. DON'T BUMP IT.

        Oh, and FYI, he gets the giggles when you race on Desert Hills and the Angry Sun drops Fire Snakes on the track.

        • Sirscribble

          That's not right Oraticus Just not right.

  • rachina

    I NEVER get sunburned. Only tanned really nice.

  • daft

    I always get sunburned, blasted Irish heritage leaving me with grub like pale skin.

  • The comic is finally getting closer to that popularity it deserves- I rarely see one with less than 100 likes now 🙂

  • Geek Prime

    Would those UV arrows be related to Light Arrows? Because those would be SWEET to use against Ganon! (I'm a geek, don't mind me.)

  • TRS

    I remember this one time I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs. Two hours later, it felt like an arrow in the knee.


    So, is the sun mad that this guy rejected their love? D:

  • Katie


  • Mr Blocky

    I know that feel. If I don't put on sunscreen, I burn. Three times when I've taken off my shirt, I've gotten second degree burns across my back, with blisters and everything. Not fun. Not fun at all