Laptop Recovery
  • rawr

    but the $250 includes the laziness you get to experience by just handing it over : D

  • And this is why I love being married to a support techician. 😀

    • Altoid55

      chicks dig nerds 😉

    • andre

      LOL 😀

    • B.B

      lol niiiiice.

    • dark vader


  • leematalon

    I burn through computers so fast. Practically every machine I've owned in the past decade has gotten the Blue Screen — other than my Commodore and my iPad.

    • Pretty sure Commodores are supposed to BlueScreen.

  • Anh

    My sister destroyed her hard drive on her notebook. It could cost $1700 to restore her data :<

  • Chris Kopcow

    FOOL! My Twilight fan fiction is backed up on an external hardrive, away from prying eyes.

  • I have this folder 'Extremely uninteresting documents' for hiding this kind of information in. No one will ever suspect! I am so clever!

    • the way you hide information is by making a folder named "teenage angst poetry"

      • But I love teenage angst poetry! Doesn't everybody?

  • Rok

    I was once quoted $600 for data recovery…

  • Panel 5- priceless expression.

  • Azurik

    It was after this that the technician pulled out a large magnet to "pull the files closer to this little port thingy here."

  • I've only used geek squad with a warranty. Then they complained about linux being on my computer, so I wiped it. Then they managed to take over a week to replace the hard drive.

  • Big Bob

    I’ll charge you $5 and a ham sandwich for the job.

    • Pinky

      I'll charge you a $5 handjob for the sandwich.

  • katrinaevening

    Half the fun of working IT is snooping through other peoples folders! Really though, who puts porn on a work computer??

    • AureateScribe

      Aww… the fact that you ask that question kind of lends you an air of sweet innocence. Every IT tech I know sees porn on work computers on a semi-regular basis.

  • daft

    this is precisely why I do my own data recovery and maintenance, I have met to man sketchy repair people. the down side is that I do all my friends and family's maintenance too.

  • d7860

    I find the best tool for recovering data if my PC doesn't want to start up is an Ubuntu live usb. That thing is free.

  • Xenos

    Yes, just think of all that may be on that hard drive… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Aita

    Yeah, proud to be a geek and a gadgeteer~

    I'll do it myself, thanks~

  • -Robert-

    Do you really need help with drive recovery? I'll hook you up! Then later, I'll be like "Yeah, had to fix one of my Boyd's computers, son!" Anyway, e-mail/reply if you require assistance.

    • "Yeaaaaaaaaaaahh Boooooyyyyyyyyyyyyd"

      Hehe, anyway, I'm not in need of any drive recovery =) I appreciate the offer though!

  • garglingpancakes

    At my shop, we generally charge $25 for data recovery – and I could give a shit less about what people store on their computers.

    Also, if you want to REALLY hide something on a Windows machine, make a folder in C:\Windows\Ssytem32\ called "Printer Drivers" – printers are literally the most boring thing ever, and even if someone were snooping around your computer, they're likely to overlook that. 😀

  • JuneauGrey

    my local computer repair shop (not a chain) charged $250 for a new harddrive with all of my data loaded back on it, plus a newer version of microsoft office, plus a six month subscription to the newest version of kapersky anti-virus.

    considering my senior project (the one that determinee whether or not i graduated high school…) was on there, i considered it a great deal!!! ^__^

    • Your computer

      That honestly was one of the best things you did

  • Yeah, the $250 is for a process you can easily do at home. If it's a drive failure, it gets super expensive, AND you can't do it yourself. Not good. Back up your stuff!

    • Gabarus

      Actually, you can! There are two possible methods to recover your own data from a drive failure. Depending on what caused the failure. Most common problems to make a drive fail, A. Bad controller card on the drive, or B. Warping heads resulting in a "death rattle."

      Bad controller card is easy/hard. Easy because the fix is simple, hard because you must locate another HDD of the same make, model, and size as the one you wish to recover. Swap the card on the bad drive, and boot it up. Nice and simple if you can find the hardware.

      Warped heads are a little trickier. You have one shot at this. Place the bad HDD in a freezer, leave it there for 24 hours. The extreme cold will often cause the heads to temporarily realign to their proper position. You must work quickly, you will have roughly 20 minutes to connect the drive and recover as much information as possible. After that, the heat of operation will cause condensation to build on the drive, frying it forever.

      Still, your solution is the easiest and best one, back up often so you don't have to go through this kinda crap, lol

  • Patrick

    The higher cost recoveries ($600+) that were quoted on here were probably due to a faulty drive mechanism or circuit-board and no instance of knoppix, Ubuntu, or any drive recovery software will fix that. The only way to avoid that is to save your important files in multiple locations (DVD/CD, thumb drive, external drive).

  • And this is why I'm the resident geek in the house.

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  • Derp

    It's only 200 for a data backup is if Geek squad comes to you. In store it's only 100 bucks, but don't let me interfere with the whargargarbl. (It does go up from there for low level recovery sent to a clean room, etc)

  • Geek squad is terribad anyways

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  • ninjatails

    Please, PLEASE just go get “Data Rescue PC” (or Data Rescue Mac if you fancy Apple)… it’s like $60 and will recover your files in case of software damage… if it’s hardware damage though…. you’re screwed

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  • Icalasari

    I'd let them

    They'll never look at my files again after that 😀

  • Katie

    Think what might be on it…

  • Great comic!!!

  • Travis

    HEY JUSTIN!!!!
    When is your next book coming out?

    • Very very soon =)

      • Still Travis

        😀 so happy. Looking forward to it!

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  • Derpy h

    My twilight fan fic is better it sparkles!!!

  • Bratcat

    Look at the bonus panel XD