• clon

    Yes you are, but it's funny !!

  • Ninkul

    Very true.. Very true.. 🙁

  • Kal

    best date ever, does she have an identical sister?

  • Pooper

    Cue everyone who says this is exactly like them…now.

    • This is exactly like me =)

    • daft

      this is exactly like them…now.

  • jasonpoland

    I have a long list of terrible restaurant ideas–and one of them is a restaurant with psychic servers.

    They aren't probably psychic, but they do speed up wait time.

  • I totally feel this guy. My solution for this problem is to simply order the first thing I see that I like and quit thinking about it.

    Whew! The number of times I fainted before I thought of that, tho!

  • barnsley sime

    stay at home, order take away. simple…..

    "what you want? chinese, indian, pizza…?"


  • Eh_Steve

    I'm completely indecisive too! I usually make other people order for me at coffee places, or just copy the person right before me.

    Also, completely unrelated, but all the ads on the sides of your website are in Spanish… I do not know why…

  • Repressed Adult

    That is a tiny server book you have there, Mr. Waiter.
    You look so happy with your little tiny server book, Mr. Waiter.

    • Smiling just enough to make everyone comfortable, but not so much that it seems fake. He's so attentive!

      I'm gonna click the thumbs up for your comment five times. It will only register one of them, but I wanted you to know that I indeed clicked it five times.

      • Repressed Adult

        You just made my day, Justin. You're really kind : )

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  • There exists only one striped blue shirt in the world and I am in possession of it. If you are wearing it, I would like it back because it's mine and you must have taken it from my closet.

    • HunterJE

      This one has green stripes too, maybe it's a different one? Or maybe from another world?

  • daft

    I have been on both sides of this equation, but I have to say the guys side is the worst. every time I can't decide what to eat on a date I start to feel all failish

  • alichemy

    I have been thinking about drawing a comic about the process that takes place in my brain when someone asks me what/where I want to eat. Everything shuts down. It's quite a phenomenon. It's gotten so bad that it even happens alone sometimes! How will I survive?

    • daft

      hang is there dear, it would be a shame to see "Cause of death: indecisiveness" on your certificate.

  • This happens to me, but with a lot more whimpering. And the waiter has to come back like, six or seven times before I faint.

  • Anonymouse

    Oh man, that’s so like me. I don’t know what I want and I just become a babbling idiot and end up ordering something I don’t want, just to get the waiter’s cold, unforgiving stair off me. It’s so awkard. That impatient bastard.

    • Anonymouse

      Whoops, I meant stare. That situation is so uncomfortable, that just thinkig aboot it makes me forgit how to spel.

  • Hannah

    Im Much Crazier Dude MUCH crazy it scares me some times…

  • Gin


  • eman

    i feel your pain, white brother. if i ever meet a girl like this i'll marry her

  • loopadoop

    Are you in any of the earlier comics? Crap, now I have to go through the archive again.