• anonymous

    This is genius!

    • some person

      LOL, I clicked the pi symbol:)

  • Repressed Adult

    Gosh dangit, moving pictures? Is this some harry potter trickery, maboy?

    • aujustin

      You haven't seen them new Michigan licenses? They got them videos and moving videos and more videos all embedded in there and what not.

      • Yo, dawg, so I herd you liek videos, so we put a video in your video so you can watch while you watch.

  • The_Toaster

    Hidden, bonus, comics? HUZZAH! Like

  • Wooooord.

  • reader

    nooo… now i have to go back and check all previous comics for possible extra panels =(

  • Tigo

    Bhahaha Justin's jumped on the votey train…<3

  • Justin Barnes

    Where is the hidden comic/panel you speak of!? I must find it!

  • Justin Barnes

    I found it. Good.

  • Joey

    I ran out. Make moar comics?

    • Sure thing! =) Two more new ones coming this week.

  • They will be appearing soon =)

  • Anon

    What a coincidence, I live in Townville too.

  • You Jerk.

    I had to go back (like many others) to read all the other hidden panels.

    At least they where worth it.

  • ethne

    how do you find the hidden panels? aagh!!!!

    • daft

      there is a pi looking thingy in the bottom right corner I think.

  • daft

    my last passport photo kinda looked like that.

  • Aaron

    I'm from michigan, that is actually how our licenses used to be.

  • Faithy

    I'm from Michigan toooo :]

  • Colleen

    grrrr. i'm reading these on my phone, and can't view the hidden panel thing. YOU SUCK

  • Indi

    Hee I loves you for the net reference!

  • loopadoop

    Joke's on you guys… I read the About page and found out about the secret panels before I even read the first comic.