Hi!  This is Invisible Bread!  New comics arrive on the site every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes Wednesday!

About Me

I’m Justin Boyd!  I started Left-Handed Toons with Drew Mokris back at the beginning of 2007. In 2010, I started a fun concept comic with Ryan Hudson of Channelate called Draw Until It’s Funny.  Now, it’s Invisible Bread time!

I’m pretty dang active on Twitter, so feel free to look at the things I say on there.  You can even follow me too if you have a Twitter account!  My Twitter Account

Wanna send me an email?  Awesome!  I would love to read it!  Just send it to justin (at) invisiblebread (dot) com!

Let’s see, a couple little details about myself?  Sure!  I’m a software engineer, I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I drink a lot of energy drinks, listen to metal/Phil Collins/Huey Lewis and I think corgis and squirrels are awesome.


There is a bonus panel for every comic.  The link is hidden in the bottom-right of the white box the comic is contained in.  That’s the gift I give you for visiting this about page =)