Remember about a week ago when I asked for drawing requests from everyone?  Well here are all the drawings I’ve been able to do so far, now all in one place!  I drew a lot more than I realized and still plan to draw some more up when I have some time!

Chris D: 5 guys hitting a bear-shaped pinata with baseball bats at the same time, whilst wearing fancy hats


Rory: The concept of time.

This one resulted in a mini-comic about the concept of time.


Aaron: Jesus on a Dinosaur (dealer’s choice) wielding an AK-47.


@Zeusandhera: A Boston Terrier

I gotta tell ya, he ended up being a very jowly doggie.


pom5: A guy jumping over the Grand Canyon on a flaming skateboard!



M..: A sandwich eating a person.


Nate: Can you draw a tall bald person sitting in front of a laptop reading one of your comics? (No real life parallels here)


acce245: Rule 34 on fancy hats.

Internet rule #34 is “if it exists, there is porn of it”, but I really didn’t wanna draw any porns, in case you were wondering!


Dan: An apricot riding a bull yelling “I’M A BUCKING BRONCO!”

καtrmr:  A smartphone-dressed man trying to solve a real difficult metal wire puzzle.

douglas: The happiest man in the world.


Thomas: This guy doing something awesome.


VixxyVix: a tiny dog trying to eat a giant marshmallow.


Timothy Winchester: Me and you dressed as unicorns for a Unicorn Party…

I drew and wrote this little mini-comic in the style of Timothy Winchester’s webcomic, People I Know.  He draws tears like waterfalls coming out of eyes, in case you were wondering what was going on there =)


SarahSJE: a donut for #nationaldonutday!

I tried doing art to the donut!


Henk: A banana eating a monkey!

Joe: A blind astronaut playing the guitar in space

I called this image “Astrojams” and made his guitar in the shape of a rocketship.


Michael: This girl as a crazy cat lady:…


SexyNinjaMonkey: Draw a SexyNinjaMonkey


And that’s all of them for now!