• Jim Calkins

    My go to is the White Zero Ultra. I just can’t seem to like any of the others.

    • Dominic Tuttle

      I like the white ultra, but I keep going back to the black ultra…I feel like there’s a joke there….

    • Justin Boyd

      That was my jam for a bit right when it came out. And then there was the orange one…

  • Lauren Brown

    That last panel is freaky.

    • Justin Boyd

      The wrong energies can do the bad things.

  • Oraticus

    Y’know, when I first read that label on the vial, I thought it said “Fuel Cell” instead of “Feel It!!!”. Now that I’ve realized my error, I’m a bit disappointed. That sucker looks like a fuel cell.

    It needs it’s own display where you have a brushed nickel canister with a handle on top. When you twist the handle 90° clockwise and lift, the core slides up from the rest of the canister with those vials stored around the central spindle and tilting out at a 45° angle as they exit the canister while a dry ice CO₂ fog pours out from the rim.

    Great… now any drink I buy is going to be disappointing. 🙁

  • Mango Mageno

    5 Comments yet only 2 recommends. Shameful

  • JSqueen

    What would happen if you mixed all the different kinds of Monster together? Would you explode with the all the different kinds of energies?

    • Justin Boyd

      Sounds like I got something to do this weekend!

      • JSqueen

        Do us all a favor and PLEASE don’t explode! Otherwise, have fun!

  • keltex78

    I hope this wasn’t inspired by actual events… My go-to choice is also the white Zero Ultra, which I typically alternate with the traditional Low-Carb, and to a lesser extent, the Ultra Sunrise. I enjoy them more as a beverage than for their energizing potential. I’ve never bought into the five-hour type products when I get a single non-enjoyable sip vs. a full 16oz (or 24oz if I’m thirsty…) delicious drink.
    (My Brother-in-Law likes the Ultra-Black, but it’s just too tart for a drink for me to enjoy.)

  • Zach

    My favorite part of the bottle: “Do Not Ingest”

    • Justin Boyd

      Glad you caught that =)

  • Covarr

    I only had Monster of any sort once. It was the Lo-Carb variety. I immediately crashed and was unable to function at all for the next hour and a half or so. That was the last time I ever had Monster.

  • Green bot Studios

    “Do not ingest”
    Justin, did you ingest that?

  • Geeky

    What is he writing with in the last panel?

    • sam

      a pen.. i think

  • Bro1986

    Boi. No Just No I Mean try The Non-Stupid Red Bull See How sick that one Is!

  • Stefan Tedder

    Is that blood?