• Jake Logan

    “Laundy?” Is that a religious festival?

    • Justin Boyd

      Ha. Ha Ha Ha WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN (I’ll fix that at lunch)

  • Moolissa

    My mother was so happy when I went to my first college party she almost cried because I was, “socializing like normal college students.” Then what was I before mother?? What was I??

    Too be fair, she probably would have had the same same reaction if I told her I went to a club meeting promoting the important therapeutic uses of beanies babies in diabetic cats. If it got her duaghter out of the dorms it got her vote

  • Miles

    It’s the upper division stuff that’s killing me… and the taking all the prerequisites for one class simultaneously with that one class because your college is bad at schedules that kicks my butt.
    I used to be good at school (now a mature student). Now I am still good at school, but also burning out like I did my senior year of high school. Perhaps a triple major might be a mistake?