It’s Back
  • Green bot Studios

    I hate sports!

    …except tennis, I like playing tennis

  • Micah Philson

    My college team is now on like its fourth coach in not too many more years. Everyone’s super hopeful about this guy, so I hope he really helps our team out, we’ve been… lackluster in recent years.

  • Val

    Sports never left. We’ve had almost half a year of baseball, the best sport.

  • Robert

    Sports are fun, but the fandom is… not so fun. Also, the oddity of people watching sports that are so warped is rather interesting (for example, certain pro-sports and their inability to officiate equally).

  • Phantom Umbreon

    The comic and the bonus panel is basically sarcasm about how the Detroit Lions loose every game they play. They haven’t once been to the super bowl either.