• Daniel Harvison

    Justin, what you speak of is impossible, that just doesn’t happen!

  • Covarr

    I keep three laundry hampers in the guest bedroom. One with dirty clothes, two with clean. My wife is not especially happy about this.

    • This is the only system that makes even a little sense. I guess if I owned multiple types or colors of clothes, or more than a hamperful in total, this might not work as well.

      • Covarr

        I wash all my clothes together. You’re allowed to mix colors as long as the clothes isn’t brand new and you’re not using hot water.

  • This is very true. Unfortunately… Also, I like that the shirts are literally just rectangles

  • Micah Philson

    You know, as a kid, this happened, but since I moved out on my own, my clothes just stopped magically organizing themselves in drawers and closets.

  • Peter

    Justin, I have this fancy device made especially for hanging clothes. It’s called a treadmill.