• Oraticus

    I feel for blue shirt here… I’ve never been able to get behind the bitter bean swill known as coffee, despite it being a treasure trove of the coveted drug caffeine. No amount of sugar/creamer can redeem it my eyes.

    I feel your pain.

  • Telene Johnston

    the trick is good beans for good tasting coffee (and french vanilla creamer – already perfectly sweet!). of course, free office coffee usually provides neither of those things.

    you ARE still young enough, tastes DO often change as we age. goddamn aging. but at least i LIKE coffee now. took decades :Þ

    • Micah Philson

      I started drinking coffee at 5. Best decision of my life. The walls haven’t stopped talking to me since.

      • Calvin Rempel

        5am or age 5?

        • Micah Philson

          Something like that, yeah.

      • Daniel Harvison

        Well you’ll never be short of someone/something to talk to. Also, yay coffee!

  • Robert

    Yeah, never really enjoyed coffee. On the other hand, some teas fit my tastes. I don’t think it is the bitterness, so much as the actual flavor. Especially since I never really cared for things like Tiramisu either.

    I do tend to think a number of foods/drinks are vastly over rated though, and others under rated… so I may just be kooky.

  • Daniel Harvison

    SINNER! Know ye not that coffee is the finest of caffeinated drinks?!?!
    In all seriousness though, you either like coffee or you don’t. *shrug*
    Also, there’s plenty of rubbish coffee around, like instant coffee or cheap stuff from the supermarket and stuff..