• anichka

    So deep tho……

  • Slythytoves

    Facing some brutal honesty, here…

  • That made me change the way I think about life…. :0

  • “soon”…
    posthumous award…

  • Covarr

    Little did anyone know, Highlander was a true story.

    …but only the first one. There can be only one Highlander movie.

  • Green bot Studios

    Stop playing Fortnite then

    • Sc√łtt Jeisman


  • PlantaePaints

    I agree with the secret panel, all Fortnite gives me is anxiety

    • Micah Philson

      Oh crap, awhile back I took a break from reading online comics for a year or two, I forgot if this one had a bonus panel! How do you see it again? Those are always my favorite part of a comic!