• Jim Campbell

    Pure Sodium? Na.

    • Oraticus

      Well played, sir.

  • Robert

    Well, that is one way to turn your bath into a shower. Also great for pretending you are a wizard with terrible Latin… Crepitus Natrium!

  • Oraticus

    Sodium… a total bitch until it hooks up with chlorine.

    • Somebody Someone

      You sound a bit salty…

      • Robert

        Maybe he ran into their kids at the pool, and heartbreak struck anew?

  • Slythytoves

    That…actually elicited an audible chuckle from me.
    Co-workers are glancing in my direction.
    I must go.

    • Micah Philson

      Going isn’t enough. Start a new life. Move to a new city. No, country. Continent if you want to be safe. Antarctica. It’s the only safe place for you now. Godspeed.

  • That guy what’s made of cheese

    I somehow missed the first panel the first time I read this, and I think it actually might work better without it.