• Phantom

    First!!!!!! ( Annoyingness yay)

    • PhantomUmbreon

      Random thing: click the bottom right corner of the comic section and it will take you to a bonus panel. After that return to the page and the place you clicked will have bread on it. Invisible bread. Boom.

  • Derek

    I am so glad I dont work at THAT place!!!! Oh wait……


  • When they have to decide when to end a meeting, when does that meeting end when they haven’t decided :O

  • meklu

    Eh, I think we should call a meeting on the proper practice of hopping on conference calls first.

  • jeff

    bonus panel is just completely random.. LOVE IT 🙂

  • Robert

    Too real. Meetings to schedule meetings about when to have meetings to talk about having meetings about meetings. Seen it all too often.

  • Green bot Studios

    Best bonus panel ever

  • TheMegax

    Ice cream!