• Dominic Tuttle

    Zumba? Also, who is this rhyming guy in the ground? Does he live there? If so, does he have burritos delivered? Where does he go to the toilet?

  • PlantaePaints

    If this hole in the ground rhyming guy becomes a character i will be so happy

  • BQQM180

    Don’t jump on your robot vacuums

  • sam

    YAAAY Justin’s back!!, welcome back to a reasonable schedule?

  • Green bot Studios

    So does this mean vacuums have been working for Bowser this whole time!?

  • jeff

    hey justin, when will the store be back up.. i want to buy stuff!! (also great comics)

    • PhantomUmbreon

      Sadly, the store still isn’t back up to this date man. ( Not Justin )

  • lamenting over mass stupidity

    Unbearably adorable