Help Me
  • Brian Henning

    What?? No bonus panel?? (-:

    • Covarr

      The invisible bread is even more invisible than usual.

      • Oraticus

        Welcome to Justin’s new comic… Intangible Bread.

    • sam

      wait! Justin has finally come back to a reasonable schedule (so far) and all you do is complain about there not being a bonus panel! shame on you!

      • Brian Henning

        Yes! Shame on me!

        C’mon, I love Justin’s work and am thrilled that he’s got some time to draw again, but complaining is way more fun!

        • Justin Boyd

          I named the panel wrong whoops! It fix

          • Brian Henning

            The bonus panel is a 404 🙁

          • Justin Boyd

            Somehow it cached an empty image. Someone has been crawling my extra panels!

  • Sven
    • Michelle Speck

      Thank you.

      And yes, Yes it is.

  • What seems to BEE the problem?

    • jeff

      …wow *Jumps into canyon*

  • sam

    I think Justin is dead… again

  • Steve

    uh….. what?

  • Steve

    but at least you’re back on a normal schedule

  • jeff


    • Justin Boyd

      *a bad arnold impression*
      i’m coming back soon

  • Dave Harmon

    Wait! Perhaps your bees would like to check in?

  • CadepleX

    That’s hysterical