• Moolissa

    Reminds me of that time I slept through my astro final…. My professor let me retake it because he once slept through a conference where he was the opening speaker and knew how terrible it felt!

    • Benjamin Gentzel

      As someone with similar insight, let me share my experience.

      I had a final at 11:30, so I set my alarm for 10:00 to study a bit, and get ready. Around when I woke up, I got a phone call. It was from someone from the department asking where I was for the final. Apparently it started at 9.

      I quickly threw on clothes and ran over. I still managed to get an A on it and finished before some other students, so it’s a happy ending.

  • Telene Johnston

    no invisble bread bonus panel? my life is unfulfilled! ლ(ٱ٥ٱ ლ)

    • Lauren Brown

      There is a bonus panel.

    • ronny

      look further to the right, in the white space

      • Telene Johnston

        i FOUND it! thx 😊

  • Azalea

    I thought the bonus panel was going to be him waking up for real and being like, “Why am I still having these crazy nightmares at 40?”

    • Miles

      I’m 40, and I sometimes have those dreams… though to be fair, I’m still going to school, so I have to actually still take midterms and finals (one more semester!)

  • Green bot Studios

    Please, PLEASE bring back The Programmer series!

  • Ozzy94

    Hello, I’m new around here and I found your comics with the help of channelate which i found with the help of explosm, so I guess it’s been a long travel to find your web comic, that makes me feel a mix of a heartwarming “hey i feel the same” / “hey that happens to me too” and a “haha, that’s my humor!”. I just love these comics ^.^!

    I think there are a few European fans here. I hope invisiblebread gets well known here too! =)

    • Justin Boyd


  • Nafas Wali