Body Problems
  • Luke Martinelli

    I wonder if I replaced the filtration material in a water filter jug with no-doz tablets, would i get caffeine water or just a mess?

    • Justin Boyd

      This question needs some kind of answer.

    • Mango Mageno

      I think it would be a mix of both.

  • Mango Mageno

    But its 0 calories and no added sugar! How could you pass up a deal like that?

    • Jim

      Monster Absolutely Zero is 0 calories and no added sugar. And contains water and caffeine. Wins all around!

      • Mango Mageno

        Monster Pure Zero is an empty bottle with air.

  • Mineblock5000

    I usually just drink soda or something, but if I don’t have any of those, I just drink water.

  • BQQM180

    Just grab a bag of powdered caffeine on amazon and put some in this “water”

  • Dylan Harper

    This is how Idiocracy starts.

  • Oliver

    I Get The Joke

  • Bryan Babcock

    There used to be a brand called Buzzwater that was plain water too, but here is the link to get Water Joe. Make a pot of Death Wish coffee with that and sell it by the severity of heart attack desired. A company called avitae also makes 3 strengths of caffeinated water unflavored or otherwise.

  • Hey, wait a minute…
    Canon discrepancy!!
    I remembered this because this happened to me today.