• Ziggy Hixson


    • DavidW

      take your trophy and go home

  • Ziggy Hixson

    I feel the same. Balloons outside is just pure anxiety.

  • I am definitely going to look at panel 3 as the baby having beady eyes and Snoopy ears.

  • They should tie the balloon to the baby. What can go wrong?

    • Mango Mageno

      Nothing will go wrong. I’m pretty sure that the baby weighs more than a single balloon. Or a balloon thats married either.

  • dylaxius

    Congrats, your the only webcomic i follow that updated today with something other than election stuff.
    On a different note, is anything someone gives you a small enough responsibility that you don’t end up freaking out?

    • Ziggy Hixson

      Why I love this comic. It gives me a break from all the terrible stuff out there. Thanks Justin!

    • Mango Mageno

      A candy wrapper that they stuffed down your shirt