• This is amazing, and I am definitely going to start saying ellipses in real life.

    • Justin Boyd

      Go forth and do that thing! Full support over here.

    • Mango Mageno

      everybody here supports you in your decision

  • Randomness

    Is it bad that I don’t get the “ellipses” part??

    • Paul Slater

      • Randomness

        You seem like you know. Please explain.

        • Mango Mageno

          Its easy once you divide the denominator by the center of gravity.

      • Randomness

        KIDDING! I know you did.

    • Geeky

      It’s okay, I don’t get it either ;-;

      • Lauren Brown

        “…” That symbol is called an ellipses, when you have three periods in a row. So he said it out loud instead of just staying silent.