Paper Towels
  • Oraticus

    Sure, you’re a little crusty with glue, and you’re oddly wrinkled and folded in unexpected areas… but behind all those flaws lies greatness… spill-absorbing contours of greatness.

    • Marumarsu

      But then suddenly, it’s in a million pieces, which you still use, because fuck you god, I’m not going to waste this brave soldiers life!

  • Mmm

    On the other hand, the last TP square is a lost cause.

    • Dominic Tuttle

      This is so.

  • Cole Patterson

    woah. the secret panel was in color.

  • j-beda

    Justin’s Patreon support ( ) is more than twice the size of Joy of Tech! ( )

    Way to go Justin!

    Joy of Tech does have a better Patreon URL though – those words are much better than u=2690290

    • Justin Boyd

      I swear when I signed up for Patreon, I couldn’t get a normal URL.

      Doesn’t matter, I have one now! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Sirscribble

    Whoa. The hidden panel. *High quality*

  • Cliocat

    The bonus panel was in color!