A Crazy Person
  • Luke Martinelli

    It started as a slow giggle, but soon enough I was laughing at this comic.

  • Mango Mageno


  • Miles

    I… I still buy CDs…
    I get upset when I can’t buy a new release on CD… I know they cost money, but I just want to spend my money on real things.
    I got pissed about digital music some 8 years ago when my first iPhone demanded it be updated before I could be allowed to back the music up to my computer… and then bricked, and then Apple wouldn’t let me download my music again. They told me I should have backed it up…
    Fool me once…

    • Magsta

      I still buy CDs too!! I have 700+ of them. I mean, t-they’re still gonna keep making them, right..?

  • Meh. I just go on YouTube and record the music. Bam. Life Hax.

  • Phoenix (no last name)

    The irony of promoting your Patreon page in the description…

  • kaytelin gallant

    ugh why does humanity do this to us! ヽ(⸟╭╮⸟)ノ