Time For Sleep
  • Mineblock5000

    A new one!

  • Dominic Tuttle

    Thank goodness you’re alive!!! We don’t want to lose you, Buddy!

  • Scribbled Lines

    We can always wait for new content, your health and well being is the priority.
    Glad to see you back.

  • Miles

    Yeah, that’s why I quit drinking Jagerbombs and Flintstone Vitamin shots at the bar… the going to sleep part still worked (though maybe with the amount of alcohol consumed it could be called ‘passing out’), but the waking up two hours later with my heart racing like that with no way to go back to sleep.. that part sucked.
    Also, welcome back.

  • Hell yeah! A new piece of awesomeness!

  • Mango Mageno

    Well iced tea keeps you up but it doesn’t leave you with a heart thats pumping 99 bps (Beats per second)

    • Miles

      That’s my resting heart rate… a little higher actually.
      You can imagine what mine is like if I were to consume too many energy type drinks.
      That’s why I generally avoid them, especially now.
      To me, a racing heart rate is closer to 170bpm.
      On the plus, while my resting heart rate may be around 100, my active heart rate is only around 120.
      Edit: I saw you posted beats per second. I’m not The Flash. Mine are in beats per minute.

      • Mango Mageno

        What are you talking about thats exactly when you need drink too many energy drinks right at the peak of your resting heart rate then you can become the flash

        • Miles

          Or possibly my heart rips itself from my chest and says “That’s it! I’m out!” and I scream “Ahhh, a talking heart! Also, argh, I’m dead!”

          • Mango Mageno

            If it says that its out it just going to go get more of it.

  • Mercury

    I’m happy to see a new comic, but I’m even happier that you felt up to the task of posting it! Hope everything gets better! 🙂

    • Justin Boyd

      Thanks =)

  • aasasd

    GoF’s “Design Patterns” is the best sleeping medicine I’ve come across, even better than engineering drawing textbooks, which were recommended as such by the professor who was teaching engineering drawing. Literally couple of pages from GoF was enough to doze off.

    Unfortunately (or not), I’m no longer naive enough to think that any number of kludges could fix OOP or procedural programming. But! I’ve found me a new productive way to fall asleep: “Functional Ear Trainer”. The point, of course, is that you listen to musical notes and press screen buttons for some time, and the thing plays scale resolutions back to you, which is all highly repetitive and monotonous. After years of self-destructive choices, chaotic schedule and OOP combined with new web technologies, it takes somewhat longer than GoF, but then, my pitch recognition has quite improved in a few months.