Fine Dining
  • iaoth

    “Weird idea time”… or “vaguely remembered jokes time”? :

    • Justin Boyd

      Honestly never seen that before!

      • iaoth

        Dang, text book case of multiple discovery then.

        • Justin Boyd

          My pre-sleep thought was “bees rhymes with peas. this can be made into a funny thing.”

          • Dan Cooper

            Did you consider a hive full of peas?

      • Some one

        What the heck

  • Cley Faye

    That “terribly sorry” line reminds me of those funny harry potter strips on tumblr. Too bad the name is impossible to remember.

  • Luke Martinelli

    This is like the Italian man who wanted “a sheet on the bed”.

  • Wolind Quark

    This happens all the time and it drives me beenanas.

  • Shaun Clark

    I love the super excited bee in the last panel, she’s so happy to be in a fancy restaurant

    • Justin Boyd

      I’m so glad you noticed =)

    • Mango Mageno

      So I’m not the only who goes through all of the panels at 500% zoom in

  • Youngblood

    How’d they even get all of those bees on that platter?

  • Heather Kurle

    im concerned over how many comics you’ve written about people suddenly being subjecting to live bees.

  • RatherSketchy

    I see the problem here…
    he clearly does not have his official waiter mustache yet! What kind of restaurants forgets to give their waiters their official waiter mustaches before they wait on tables!?

  • Mark Monnin

    I don’t know what it is about this one (and especially the bonus panel), but it makes me laugh so hard! I must be really into weird jokes.

  • Green bot Studios

    My “Weird Idea Time” is right after I wake up. I actually came up with a good idea at that time