Getting Warm
  • Platt Monrency

    This VR fever is getting out of hand…

  • HardBoiled

    But they’re so expensive…
    Why, Steam? Why must you make me pay actual money? I thought we were friends after that saleā€¦

    • Justin Boyd

      Gimme a SteamVR sale and I will money at it.

      • 6 months from now: SteamVR 25 quid
        Now: SteamVR 800 quid

      • Henry

        “money at it”
        uhh ok lol

  • Umm… you DO know it’s call the HTC Vive? It runs Steam OS (called SteamVR), so…

    • And also, Oculus Rift is cheaper! 600 USD compared to the 800 USD for HTC Vive.

      • Justin Boyd

        Does the Oculus support room tracking like the Vive stuff?

        • Depends on what you mean. It can follow you head and sense gestures, but you can’t walk around your room or stuff like that. Besides, it’s wired to your PC, and so is Vive, in fact!

          • Bqqm180

            Well the vive has those cool controllers

          • You’re right. With Oculus, you have to buy the Oculus ‘Touch’, as they call them, for extra money. Rift naturally comes with a compatible Xbox One controller, though!

  • Syrange

    I just love the look on the sun’s face, he’s like “rly?”